Probability Values for Each Section

Part 1 – Science in The Quran = “1 in 1 billion

Part 2 – Literary Quality of The Quran = “1 in 10 million

Part 3 – Prophecies Within The Quran = “1 in 1 million

In order to produce a single probability value which represents the probability (chances) of one person being able to accomplish all three of the above aspects of the discussion, you simply multiply them. If you're not familiar with this concept, it is simply an established mathematical rule that has been applied. I will try to explain it using a simpler analogy, shown below –

Lets say “1 in 2” people of the general population are male, and “1 in 4” males are brown eyed. Now, in order to find the probability of finding a male with brown eyes within the general population, all you do, is multiply both probabilities as follows: 1/2 * 1/4 = 1/8 (which equates to a “1 in 8” chance of finding a brown eyed male in the general population).

Mathematicians prefer to state the probability value as a decimal, in this case that would be “0.125” (1/8). It is also well established that probability values closer to the value of one are more likely to occur than those furthest from one. If a value of one is obtained, this means that it is a certainty, if a value of zero is obtained this means it is impossible.

Using the above method, the values obtained in my discussion were calculated in order to produce a single probability value.

Firstly, using words:

(one/one billion)*(one/ten million)*(one/one million) = one/ten thousand billion billion

Secondly, using numbers:

(1/1 000 000 000)*(1/10 000 000)*(1/1 000 000) = 1/10 000 000 000 000 000 000 000

= 0.0000000000000000000001 (in decimal form)

This equates to a “1 in ten thousand billion billion” chance of this event occurring.


The probability is LOWER than rolling the same number on a dice 28 times in a row. If you think that is not too difficult, try rolling the same number ONLY 7 times in a row, if you succeed, I will be impressed. Theoretically, if you were to roll a dice every 2 seconds, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the time it would take to achieve the same number 28 times in a row, would roughly be 400 thousand years.
The probability value obtained is LOWER than the chances of winning the UK national lottery 3 times in a row with only buying one ticket per lottery draw.
A carefully estimated example* If the entire surface of earth was covered 10cm deep in sand, with ONLY one sand grain marked (with the colour blue for example), a blindfolded person wondering freely all over the earth able to choose any grain they wished would just happen to choose the marked grain with their first choice.

*assumes 1000 grains of sand in 1cm (i.e. using 1mm sized grains)

If you believe that this is possible, then you could just as easily believe that The Quran is man made. However, if you believe that this occurrence would be very rare (because the odds are far too low) then, you should also consider that The Quran may in fact be the word of God. My discussion has came to a simple conclusion – believe what you will, but if you believe that The Quran is not the word of God, then you believe the above probability came true, according to my discussion.

Further Study

Unfortunately, I had to neglect other aspects of The Quran which are quite remarkable, such as the following –

Muhammad was never once recorded taking credit for The Quran in any way.

Muhammad never once mentioned the loss of his loved ones in The Quran (uncle, wife, daughter etc.) who had died during his lifetime.

Studies have shown there is a mathematical element in The Quran's composition.

Studies have shown there is a strong case that The Quran and Muhammad were prophesised in The Bible.*

- I decided to leave these aspects out of my discussion because it was difficult to determine a probability value in each case, or my research was not sufficient enough to cover these aspects accurately.

* Islam teaches that The Bible is also a holy book, but it has become corrupted (changed through history) and thus is not in its original form, however some of its information will still be true obviously.

Ending Comments

Please note, throughout my discussion I decided not to go into detail about certain aspects, because, as I said on the initial page, I wanted to keep the discussion clear and simple to understand.

All the information I have presented in my discussion is correct to the best of my knowledge only, and thus should not be taken as a fact.

"And follow not of that which you have no knowledge, surely the hearing and the sight and the heart, all of these, shall be questioned about that." (The Quran, 17:36)




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I have no doubt missed out some references due to my imperfect memory, I apologise if this is the case.

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