Part 1 - Science in The Quran

The Quran's main purpose is to provide guidelines on how to live your life, it is not meant to serve primarily as a scientific journal, but it still does contain scientific information in parts. Some of the scientific information in The Quran is as follows, it contains many radical theories, which at the time (1400 years ago) were most likely never even thought about, but have only been discovered by modern science, some theories only very recently (i.e. in the last 100 yrs) -

The universe was created from a process resembling the "big bang theory".

The universe is expanding.

The formation of multiple worlds throughout the universe.

The orbitary movements of planets, stars etc.

The lighting mechanism of stars is alluded to as self-illumination without fire (i.e. nuclear reactions?).

The methods employed by "evolution theory".

The origin of all life is aquatic.

The finite life of stars.

The continuing expansion of the sun.

Particles exist smaller than the atom.

The constant movement of the Earth's crust.

Less air (specifically oxygen) exists as you ascend the sky.

Rain comes from clouds.

The Earth's atmosphere, which protects us from harmful radiation (ie. UV rays from the sun).

The area near the Dead Sea is one of, if not, the lowest spot on earth, below sea level.

The formation of mountains.

The constant erosion of dry land on earth.

Certain stages of foetal development of humans clearly described.

There are so many other ones, I cannot possibly mention them all here. I have only mentioned the ones that in my opinion are very impressive. There are others, commenting on the brain, astronomy, light, seas & oceans, the human body, some animals, plants etc. All of the above scientific information I have provided from The Quran can be verified for yourself, by checking the references listed in my bibliography at the end of my discussion. It is also interesting to note that one eminent scientist, scholar and Nobel prize winner, Dr Maurice Bucaille, stated that in order to understand The Quran's scientific information, you must have a relatively good understanding of a modern encyclopaedia! Furthermore, a crucial point to consider is that NO scientific information in The Quran has been disproved (i.e. what it states is clearly wrong according to modern thinking).

Since I am trying to prove that The Quran is the word of God, there are only two options in this argument; one, it is the word of God and two, it is man made. Now, ask yourself, what is the probability (chances) that someone 1400 years ago, can write numerous scientific theories, which are very radical for the time, but prove to be correct over 1400 years after? Please also note that NO scientific information in The Quran has been proven to be incorrect! In order to obtain a reasonably accurate probability, it might be helpful to consider that there are roughly 6 billion people in the world today, therefore, just ask yourself, out of the 6 billion people, how many of them could accomplish the above feat?

In my personal opinion, I am quite confident no-one in the world today could accomplish this task, not even Einstein came up with so many radical theories without the slightest inaccuracy. But for this discussion, I want to use values which are conservative, so no-one can argue with them. Therefore, I have gone with a “1 in 1 billion” probability (which means 6 people in the world today could accomplish this task theoretically). If you do not agree, feel free to choose your own realistic probability, and write it down on a piece of paper because it will be needed at the end of this discussion.

Conclusion for Scientific Information in The Quran, probability = "1 in 1 billion"

(Please note I am using one thousand million equal to one billion.)

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